special events

gears & beers/sip & spin/bend & brew

You guessed it…a signature shiFt workout followed by intake of craft beer and/or wine.  It doesn’t get any better than this!  Check back here for the date and time of our next event.

no shower happy hour

Our coaches will surprise you with a signature mystery workout. Anything goes! You won’t know until you show! Join us after class for at a local restaurant, tap room or pizza joint for fun and food.

choose yoga workshops

shiFt towards bliss! choose yoga workshops – Yoga is for every-BODY. Our workshops cover an array of Yoga related topics including how regular Yoga practice can prevent and heal new and chronic injuries; how different styles offer unique benefits; how YOU can incorporate the basic asanas (poses) into your practice and apply modifications that suit your ability, experience and limitations. Check our website for upcoming FREE workshops open to all levels of Yoga experience.

let’s talk series

This educational series will cover a number of topics.  Our guest speakers will crack the code and help you develop a healthy lifestyle habits. Topics covered may include:

  • Nutrition 101
  • Physcial Activity
  • Eat this, Not that
  • Food Myths Dispelled
  • Healthy Habits & Daily Rituals
  • Diets & Fads…the Truth!
  • Meal Planning & Prep for the Working Adult
  • Performance Nutrition and Hydration
  • Race Day Nutrition
  • Exercise & Eating
  • Eating for your Decade
  • Men’s & Women’s Nutritional Needs
  • Healthy Lunch for Kids
  • Reading Food Labels
  • Conquer the Aisles (how to shop)

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