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We are INCLUSIVE. Weekend warrior, corporate athlete, working mom/dad, active senior, we welcome every-BODY.

what we do

Our goal is to educate our members and inspire them to make healthy lifestyle choices every day. We equip and encourage them to pay it forward.

why we do it

It’s in our DNA. We strive to live healthy lifestyles, learn something new every day and aim to motivate, educate and support our members because we are passionate about fitness.

the shiFt story

the shiFt story – read the story behind the studio

your teachers

The definition of a coach is one who assists you in recognizing & developing YOUR full potential

our classes

our studio is a judgement free zone and our classes are for every-BODY

our technology

we offer the latest technology to enhance the training experience & educate our members on a safe, effective approach to improving overall health

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Fitness classes deliver summer burn at shiFt studio

FItness classes deliver the burn this summer! Summer is in full swing at shiFt studio.  Our members love the fused format classes called “spin & lift”.  This format delivers, strength, core, cardio and mobility in a motivating 75 minute class.  Our teachers use...

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Strap In to TRX

“I don’t think I can do the exercises.” “I’m not strong enough to do that.” “Maneuvering the straps is intimidating.” We hear these statements about TRX a lot in the studio, and honestly, we get it – starting any kind of new fitness routine or style can be difficult...

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I became a client at shiFt Studio when they first opened. I’m a fitness enthusiast and I was excited to see a studio that offered spinning and TRX. I’ve never done either but was really pleased with how Bonnie and her staff worked with me. The classes, equipment, atmosphere and most especially the instructors are wonderful. They can and do accommodate every fitness level. I love being pushed to my ability – and there are always modifications so I can work out at my level and still have plenty to reach for.
I especially like the fusion classes – combining spin and TRX, or spin and yoga. It’s a great way to get both cardio and strength in one session. The technology is very good. The HRT (heart rate training) classes are so cool – seeing your heart rate zone on the screen while working out really keeps it real. Each class is an experience. And did I mention that the studio is beautiful?
The bottom line for me is this: I am getting stronger. My runs are easier. I can pull myself out of the water onto a boat without a ladder. I barely notice lifting the 40 lb. bags of dog food I buy. I can hold a cast iron skillet in one hand while cooking. I feel fit. I feel strong. I feel great.
I love shiFt!

Chris D

I really love shiFt studio! It’s a great combination of strength and cardio, and I always feel like I’ve had a thorough workout. There is a wide variety of equipment used: bikes, TRX®, kettlebells, medicine balls, BOSU® balls, dumbbells, etc. The shiFt and liFt class is a mix of spin and TRX and complements my running.  Working with Bonnie on my fitness has been very beneficial. She is encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well-being, not just my muscles. Classes are hard work but are always fun and keep me motivated. Bonnie’s outgoing personality ensures that she gets the most out of her clients. I would definitely recommend her and shiFt studio to anyone, at any level of fitness.


Such a great place to get your sweat on! All the instructors are very in tune about form and safety with correct muscle engagement for maximum benefit. New friends in every class and lots of motivation. Show up and results guaranteed! Absolutely love the place. Nothing else like it!


shiFt studio is 100%! Every class I have taken at shiFt balances intensity with proper form and technique. Love that – a harder workout without the risk of injury!

The studio is brand new, clean and equipment is top notch! Instructors are professional, friendly and inviting. Instructors provide modifications to meet all levels of fitness and/or limitations.

Heidi R

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